The Corrupt, Complicit, Compliant and Complacent - The Left's #Domestic #CognitiveWar on America


Corrupt, Complicit, Compliant and Complacent - today I joined the Two Mikes in a pod cast.

The article covering some of the discussions plus more will soon follow.

The Corrupt, Complicit, Compliant, and Complacent -  

The Left's #Domestic #CognitiveWar on America

As we approach the anniversary of 6 Jan ’21, we must put things in proper perspective. The left’s narrative is focused on a few miscreants, with some damage, but is intended to hide, deceive, and disregard the massive ongoing corruption and complicit actions of the far left – the comufascists – who are undermining our Constitution, Democracy, Republic, Freedoms, Independence, and Opportunity.

We must begin to move on, drive, and push a proactive, positive narrative, which speaks to the truth of what is happening today. We, those who love freedom, lost the narrative on the events of 6 January 2021, because we were reacting – yet once again. We must not let that deter our efforts.

It was easy to understand, as we see the biased media – whom I not so endearingly refer to as the propaganda whores – continue to spew lies daily while censoring the truth and covering up the facts – it is hard to fight the left’s false narratives about 6 Jan.

So – this article is focused moving from a reactive, to a proactive posture in the narrative. One that America is waiting for and is awakening to. America and is ready to listen to. But the first step is to stop reacting and focusing on the minutia the left wishes us to – and focus on facts, reality, and solutions.

The bias in treatment of those arrested on 6 Jan is clear – and it exemplifies a two-tier justice system as the IG for DOJ has pointed out as a major issue that needs to be addressed.

The Department of Justice has squandered public trust by straying from its own policies designed to avoid the appearance of political bias and meddling and by permitting some employees to escape accountability for misconduct by leaving the department before investigations were complete, the agency's chief watchdog is warning[1].

The left willingly uses the national security apparatus to harass, prosecute, frame, and cover up their actions under the guise of classification. In my opinion, the 6 Jan Commission the one thing they are doing right is seeking to overhaul the Capitol Police – but it shouldn’t stop there, as we see the need for the same for our DOD, DNI, CIA, FBI, DOJ, DOS, etc.

The narrative needs to focus on the absolute corruption of these organizations by left leaning zealots – the real extremists – and highlight the blatant corruption by leadership and the emplacement and enforcement of a two-tiered justice system that hails criminals while prosecuting common, innocent Americans who disagree with the “state.” What we are witnessing is a Stasi like system, a fascist and communist like show trial system, akin to the two show trials Pelosi called impeachment.

The narrative of conservatives, of democrats (the few who remain), and independents needs to highlight our leaders blatant disregard for equal justice and equal application of the law – period.

Why is it that we continue to focus on poor Queen Nancy, the “mommy dearest” of the left, and her efforts to keep alive a false narrative about a small - but wrong handful of miscreants – who wrongfully caused damage on 6 Jan, but didn’t murder anyone, but are still held in jail?

Why are the likes of Queen Nancy talking about the assault on her kingdom, and deploying an armed division of 25000 troops to protect her kingdom while totally failing to protect her constituents – err peasants – over the last two years?

Queen Nancy wishes for all of you to forget the thousands, yes thousands, of innocents who suffered greatly as the FBI DOJ and local leftist prosecutors failed hold to account the arson, assaults, murder, and anarchy. Queen Nancy pushed and applauded efforts in defunding police, allowing rapists and murders to go free on no bond, while concurrently totally ignoring the thousands of assaults, arsons, businesses destroyed, cops assassinated and murdered, and innocent lives destroyed – mostly minority by the way – across 10-16 liberal progressive cities over the last two years. But why? Because it didn’t affect her and the lemmings of the left who support her – protected in their gated communities, holding parties unmasked with black servants in white tuxedos and masked – to support her white, liberal, lemmings of the left donors.

Yet - Trump’s walk to the church and deploying a small number of national guard stopped massive destruction in DC caused an uproar! It was a massive false narrative carried out willfully by the propaganda whores and then fallen for by the likes of Mussolini Milley who either fell for, or supported the false narratives

As for the 6 Jan protests – one must ask WHY is there so much focus on 6 Jan by the left? Despite polls showing the public is tired about hearing the hyperbole, lies and false narratives pushed by the left from that day. Trying to repeat bullshit over and over until it becomes mythology.

We must not forget – these riots where a precursor to massive civil unrest planned by the left to disrupt Trump’s second term and try to cripple it at the outset. We must not forget the hundreds of cities boarded up, where not due make-believe boogeymen – but real left-wing extremists. And they broadcast their intent – in the Wash Post – calling for massive civil unrest if Trump were to be elected.

The Washington Post – or Compost – noted in their headlines – “Concerned about the possibility of unrest on Election Day, or in the days that follow, businesses in some areas of D.C. are boarding their windows. Officials are advising shop owners to sign up for crime alerts and to keep their insurance information handy…The demonstrations were mostly peaceful [???], but outbreaks of violence — much of it attributed to agitators more intent on destruction than protest — resulted in hundreds of arrests after nights of fires, looted stores and clashes with police. D.C. police said that on May 30 and May 31, the two most volatile days, 204 businesses were burglarized, and 216 properties were damaged[2].

There are four primary categories of people today – who either buy into the false narrative or are too naive and/or trusting of our government leaders to realize they’re being deceived.

They are:  Complicit, Complicit, Compliant, Complacent.

Corrupt, the left wing is truly corrupt, and wish for all of America to forget the four years of perjury, lies, two false impeachments by the like Schiff, Pelosi, and the three plus fifty stooges (Clapper, Comey, Brennan) and their 50 senior IC lemmings who blatantly lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop of drugs, prostitutes, and it’s raising questions of pedophilia, compromise, and other with the BIG GUY.  Just think, these people ran, lead, and lied to you. These so-called leaders led our IC and national security apparatus! There is just one of many reasons we need to overhaul our national security system – as it has been abused and corrupted by the far left – while the masses of employees and staff are true patriots – their leaders are miscreants gone rogue, liars, and need to be held to account.

They want you to forget about Hunter’s laptop and the big guy – the Manchurian President.[3]  They want you to forget that the most powerful and sensitive IC and DOJ, and DOD national security apparatuses were used to purposefully undermine and attempted coup of a sitting President

They Want you to forget over a dozen FBI and DOJ senior executives where fired, demoted, or caught in perjury – along with DNI Clapper and I believe CIA Director Brennan in congressional hearings – along with Comey and McCabe – yet none of these had storm troopers kicking their doors down at 2am, with AR15s and Stasi like tactics, and none of them were prosecuted or bankrupted like LTG Mike Flynn for the same offense

And they want you to forget, poor Hillary Clinton, who likely totally colluded with Russian intelligence or at least other foreign intelligence agencies to create the false dossier and narrative, to which Clapper Comey and Brennan forgot ICD 101 on validation – because they were obviously hell bent on disrupting Trump’s administration – as proven by Comey, Brennan, Schiff’s, Clapper, Pelosi and multiple other lying about collusion while knowing there was no proof

Complicit, there are hundreds of complicit, and therefore legally prosecutable members of congress, law enforcement and the justice department and IC, DoD – like Mussolini Milley, Autistic SECDEF Austin, Corey the Que Ball, Mommy Dearest or Queen Pelosi, Shifty Schiff, or Eric Swallow and sleep with anything including Chinese spies and others who were complicit in pushing four years of lies and two false impeachments – treasonous, fraudulent, and tyrannical actions to subvert our laws, constitutional rights of many, our constitution and their oaths of office.

To this list of miscreants, we can add the many propaganda whores, who I tire of hearing them called mainstream media, as they are no such thing. So far, we see a set of left-wing perversion – that masquerades as legitimate news people - they are pure propaganda whores, biased and should be thus called out. This includes Lubin Jeffery Tubin – the masturbator announcer; Hands on Cuomo brothers, who apparently had their hands on most of their staff; and the likes of Lemming Lemon who apparently likes to rub his crotch then others faces. 

Compliant, the compliant are the likes of Liz Cheney, Adam Kitzinger, Lindsey Graham, McConnel, and both a majority of the democratic party, and many in the Republican party like Romney, Sass, and others who have lost their spines, integrity, and willingness to face the real facts to sustain the “establishment.”

Complacent, and until recently with the wake-up calls of CRT and pedophilia in high school, a majority of the American public who has either purposefully ignored reality; trusted too much in their government leaders without oversight or accountability or allowed a minority set of true radical extremists to bully them, assault them, attack their character. The complacent includes the traditional “lemmings of the left” and other “useful idiots” who ignored the abuse of our national security system, the abuse of congress, and the abuse of power during the last five years – until they realized it affected their children.

We must therefore remember that American democracy remains an experiment. With CRT, 1619, the complacent public is finally beginning to realize that the social media companies are the socialist media companies, and realization that the left has compromised, corrupted, and made complicit large swaths of congress and our national security apparatus, 

And now, as more and more details on election fraud, questionable activities are being laid out – we see a voice of truth growing to find the truth – which over 70% of Americans think there were issues with the 2020 election

As I’ve noted before – seeking the truth is not a conspiracy. Failing to be transparent, while assaulting those who seek such, is a conspiracy.

When over half of America has questions about the legitimacy of the elections – and are violently and viciously attacked for questioning – then our Congress owes them a transparent and in-depth review of our election systems. Not a bunch of platitudes or attacks – calling anyone who disagrees as racists or extremists. It is time to ask for a fuller review and investigation not only of the BLM, Antifa and other extremist riots of 2020, but of the four years of blatant lies by Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, and other miscreants who blatantly lied to America with one purpose – to undermine President Trump, our democracy, and our government – to gain absolute power.

What we must focus on are the facts: - show trials for thee, freedom for me.

We see

-          A two-tiered justice system

-          A national security apparatus that is corrupt at the top = FBI, CIA, ODNI, DOD

-          A national security apparatus that is weaponized against the public and political adversaries –

-          A well-constructed campaign by the left that realizes there are no real boundaries on tyranny if you control these national security arms and Congress and the arms of education from PreK to graduate school

-          This the play book of Lenin – read three who made a revolution by Bertram Wolfe, a founder of the American Communist party

-          The exemplars are not only those still held in prison for 6 Jan, but their sentences, and the raids of innocent homes by FBI Stasi squads – while the dozens of FBI DOJ and IC persons who perjured themselves or lied and took place in two farce impeachments get no jail time


-          I only had to search for a short time to find multiple examples of the double standard and two-tiered justice system

-          Let’s take a look at some of those findings:

o   Treason, perjury, dossier no convictions 

§  Clinton, McCabe, Comey, Clapper, Brennan 

It doesn’t take much to find multiple double-standards in holding extremists to account.

© 2022 Edward L Haugland, All Rights Reserved

·         Jan 6 – a few million dollars in damage versus 2020 $2 billion in damage.

·         Five deaths (Trump supporters and one policeman post event) versus thousands assaulted, and murdered across multiple liberal cities

·         Indefinite confinement for 6 Jan, no confinement for masses in two billon damage or assaults, or illegal immigrants, or rapists, etc.…

Sadly, we see one set of rules for conservatives, independents and democrats who believe in truth, honesty, integrity – versus the coddling of liberal extremists.

We must hold the lemmings of the left, the comufascists, to account. Or, we will see more examples of how the comufascists use a two-tiered, Stasi like justice system, to silence those who support our Republic, Constitution, Freedoms, Opportunity, and Independence – and advance corruption like we see in AG Garland, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, ODNI, that continue to use the power of an the national security apparatus to silence Americans and promote and protect the perverts, murderers, and felons of society.

It’s time to overhaul our national security apparatus – and protect Americans from those they should be able to trust. It is time to hold to account the Corrupt, the Complicit, the Complacent, and the Compliant – as this experiment in American Democracy can not survive the current trends.



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