They Plan, We Hope - How Republicans Continue to Lose the Ongoing Domestic Cognitive War

  They Plan, We Hope How Republicans Continue to Lose the Ongoing Domestic Cognitive War 11-09-2022 The 2022 election is yet another wake-up call for Americans, especially conservative Americans, who’ve been hitting the snooze button on every such alarm for the last two decades plus.   Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that Democrats did outstanding in this election.   Their success – in keeping so many seats - was truly astounding, even surreal, given the following facts: ·          Over 70% of Americans on believe we’re on the wrong track ·          Biden’s approval rating is 46% or lower ·          Americans across the board expressed concern over inflation, crime, immigration cut across party lines ·          Parents across America revolted against the indoctrination and grooming of their children Given this environment, Republicans should have had a tsunami of wins.   Yet, they did not.   The supposed “Red Wave” was more like a drip, drip, drip from a broken fa

2022 Election and the Domestic Cognitive War with JB Wells

Once again in this ongoing #Domestic #CognitiveWar we are not learning, and losing.  A red wave? No, a ripple if that.  While they plan, we hope. Hope is not a #strategy. In this segment, I speak to why we lost much, when we should have had a tsunami. It is our lack of strategy, strategic thought, a reactive posture, and continued inability to compete in this ongoing Domestic Cognitive War at any level.  I start at 2:15, but listen to all. Honored to be on #JBWells with the #Generals #McInerney & #Vallely.

Elections security, Voting choices, China's infiltration - with JB Wells Ark Midnight & friends

  A different set of perspectives - for your consideration.  The topics election security, considerations in voting, and China's infiltration into our national security.   A broad and excellent set of discussions by JB Wells with LTG (ret) Mcinerney, Mary Fanning, Col (ret.) /Dr. Sellin - and an i n-depth interview with   Special Counsel Erick G. Kaardal on #ArkMidnight.  Very much worth your time. Jaw Dropping ! My discussion begins at 2:05.41    Ark Midnight 330 – The Intelligence Briefing / A Republic, If You Can Keep It – Caravan to Midnight   I'll be posting a related article shortly.  

Future Military Intelligence CONOPS and S&T Investment Roadmap 2035-2050 THE COGNITIVE WAR

Image This is my original paper published on Cognitive War, intended to inform the leadership across the Executive and Legislative Branches of the critical need to change the paradigm of our national security apparatus.  This paper is the basis of the book I'm writing on Cognitive War - Why We are Losing and How We Can Win.  The following is a warning to our leaders, if we fail to act. Unless we adjust our future CONOPS and S&T Investments to account for the paradigm shifts that have occurred under our feet, our nation and its intelligence operations will once again awaken too late, to a different reality, which is likely to end badly with significant and long-term impacts to our nation’s security and place as world leader. I project such a negative and reactive outcome to occur either because we lost the cognitive war totally, our adversaries succeed undermining our institutions and democratic foundat

Information Equilibrium w/JB Wells

 A great host who brings a diverse set of issues to the forefront and doesn't shy away from freedom and America, but embraces them. Honored to be his guest. Please share to advance resilience in our Constitution,  Republic,  and democract and enable proactive engagement to disrupt and deny tyranny a seat at our table. the-information-equilibrium/

Seizing the Narrative - Implementing a Strategy

  Seizing the Narrative - Implementing a Strategy The purpose of this article is to provide one example of how we can seize the narrative and start driving the small minority of radical extremists, who have been intimidating, censoring, cancelling, and lying to the American public, to react to us – the silent majority – and justify their support for advancing racist policies. The objective is to show one way for Americans to unite in raising our voices by highlighting the false narratives around welfare and race and drive a truthful discussion about real solutions for poverty. We must first understand this is not normal politics, and the small set of radical progressives seek absolute power at any cost to you, your family, or our country. “The problem is we are in an ideological war, for absolute power - yet conservatives believe it is just politics as usual. Many can detect the problem, but they wrongly mistake the issues created by it are just the same old politics. They assume